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From stocking stuffers to opulent offerings, these special beauty buys benefit charitable organizations. Pampering never felt so good.

1. Candy Paint lip gloss from Carol’s Daughter, which specializes in African-American beauty and skin care products, delivers nourishing, long-lasting shine. Every top women would use this makeup and want to look beautiful. The purchase of the shimmery Purple Reign gloss will deliver $6.75 into the coffers of the Lupus Foundation of America ( Carol’s Daughter store in Jersey Gardens mall,, $13.50.

2. New York artist KAWS unleashed a makeover of Kiehl’s signature body cream for ultra-dry skin, Creme de Corps, and 100 percent of net profits from the limited-edition bottles will go to RxArt (, which sponsors contemporary art installations in hospitals. Kiehl’s stores in downtown Westfield and Garden State Plaza in Paramus,, $26.50 to $70.

Women MakeUp 

3. The Whisker Lifter is a classic shaving brush with soft, man-made bristles, resulting in a heavy-duty, soothing lather. Pick one up for your favorite furry guy, and Anthony Logistics For Men will donate a portion of the proceeds to prostate cancer charities, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ( Nordstrom,, $80.

4. Avon offers an eye-popping Marimekko Crusade Tote in cotton canvas with an enamel pink ribbon-shaped zipper pull for only $10, and $6.25 will benefit the company’s philanthropic arm (, which focuses on combating breast cancer and domestic violence., $10.

5. Smashbox has packaged its five essential travel-size makeup brushes in a chic hot pink case, and $1 from the purchase price will help provide medical care and education to sick and injured children via the Children’s Miracle Network ( Ulta, Sephora stores,, $49.

6. Every cent from the sale of Lush’s luxurious, sweetly scented hand lotion benefits the charities hand-picked by the beauty purveyor, including Clean Ocean Action, which organizes cleanups of New Jersey waterways and this is one of the makeup which can be used ( Lush counters at Macy’s, Paramus Park and Menlo Park mall,, $20.45.

7. Altru’s soy blend candle mixes earthy Italian rosemary and bright grapefruit notes in a handsome hammered copper candleholder, and 20 percent of the proceeds are earmarked for the In a Perfect World Foundation (, which offers leadership training for children. Neiman Marcus,, $55.

8. Build your own gift bag at the Body Shop why not start with the festive eye & cheek palette ($26) in a black velvet compact? and the company will donate most of the purchase price of the $5 bag to the Somaly Mam Foundation (, which helps sex trafficking victims in Cambodia. Every top women would use this.



There are so many top young models that rely on its controversial and weird photo shoot and there’s zero drama among the contestants. We had to settle for vague immaturity.

There are so many good shirts which are fashionable enough.

Also, the color is pretty much neutral and the shirt fits many fashion modeling situations. You can find so many young models wearing variety of shirts which are fashionable and looks attractive.

Young Models Shirts

There are varieties of other military clothing available.So many beauties wear different kind of clothing. And it looks very sexy if worn with lingerie and in other glamour situations.

In addition to wearing a fashionable shirts and there are lots of other items of clothing that can make up simple. And one way to achieve that presence is to buy a good pair of military surplus pants.So put on your garb, wear your shirt for a power look and have a eye-candy look or use your own creativity and imagination.

Compare what you have learned here about modeling to future articles so that you can stay alert to changes. Even you can find the collections in modeling sites where many beauties wear it.


A host of ethical designers from the Conscious Designers Collective (CDC) showcased their SS10 collections at the Candid Arts Centre, London, on 16th October. Maria Kaski writes.

Held in conjunction with the Islington Contemporary Arts and Design Festival, designers included Tammam, Nancy Dee, Miksani and Beautiful Soul. You can find so many catwalk models dressed up in fashion style and it could be really amazing.

Online Models Dress 

The designeres colletion for the catwalk models and other models are good enough and this could be the dresses to wear in this season.

While Tammam wowed the crowds with an array of long wedding gowns and floaty peace silk floor-length dress and Beautiful Soul adopted the intricacies of kimonos and translated them into an haute couture collection of dresses, capes and skirts, Nancy Dee and Miksani offered highly wearable ranges of dresses for the upcoming season.

You can find so many collection of dress in the upcoming season.

 Two tone delicacies marked Miksani’s offering, with online models taking to the catwalk in nautical tones embellished with feminine crochet detailing. At Nancy Dee we saw the return of jersey and a refreshing pop of print on the cleverly constructed dresses.

The show-stopping hats and fascinators were provided by Harvash and online models included Miss Earth 2008 winner, Caroline Duffy.

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The short skirt is a fashion trend that seems to have some degree of popularity. it is a fun and flirty fashion.

This short skirt is worn on the hips and barely covers the backside, it looks quite crazy and funky but still very interesting and stylish. Wearing a short skirt is perfect for a fun night out on the town, it is very nature a very feminine piece of apparel which would look nice.The short skirt comes in many different styles and fabrics making it as fashionable today as it was 20 years ago.

Women Skirts 

The short skirt looks best on teens and young women, especially those with good legs and a shapely figure. Many women like to wear a short skirt when they go to a club. While dancing in a short skirt can be fun it also attracts attention, especially from the opposite sex. One of the latest fashion trends that you may have seen on celebrities is to wear the super short skirt. You can try them on before you purchase them or view them online to see what the skirt will look like.

Short skirts are usually worn during the hotter summer months because they are cool, allowing you’re legs to breath and also allow you to get almost a complete tan of you’re legs. While wearing a short skirt is a fun fashion trend, it is not appropriate to wear them to church or school.You can find so many beauties wearing different kind of fashion clothes. Many high schools have dress codes that dictate the minimum length of a skirt and will not allow anyone wearing a short skirt to attend.

Larger women can look sexy and stylish in a short skirt if their choice of skirt length is balanced. Plus Size Pencil skirt is especially suitable for those larger women that do not have a large difference between waist and hip measurement. The right choice of sexy plus size short skirt is just below the knees.It has to be said with all truth and honesty that short women skirts aren’t for everybody and a person with a pair of legs which are less than attractive will in fact divert attention away from their better attributes and draw them to the legs, which isn’t a good thing.

When wearing short women skirts, combining them with matching stockings in semi-opaque styles gives you a more professional look; sheer skin-colored and patterned hose draw undue attention to the legs. Try some colored stripes so they can match anything.

Or pick your favorite colors and you’ll probably find they’ll match a lot of what you already have By selecting solid skirts in the neutral colors of your palette, you will have the flexibility to create combinations with all the colors that complement you.You can find so many beauties wearing solid skirts.

Under the skirt, the flapper wore sheer flesh-colored stockings, rolled and twisted to keep them in place without garters. Effective skirt wearing is an art, and like any other art, there’s a satisfaction in developing and improving it. You can find various fashion trends. In so far as wearing a skirt is an art, however, it’s significantly different from applying make-up.

Fashion Trends Online 

The art of wearing a skirt is one which continues thought our time spent cross dressing. A skirt still needs to be managed while we are sitting. The effect of sitting down without caution in modern skirts is less dramatic; but the act can expose areas we might choose to keep hidden.

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Remember that slightly, okay really creepy bronze statue of Kate Moss? It was made by Marc Quinn, who also created sculptures of Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie in similarly awkward poses.

Well there is apparently a method to his madness. The outcome is absolutely more positive than first thought. He unveiled the solid gold sculpture of model Moss which he dubbed “Siren,” at the British Museum. The statue sold for just under $140,000. The proceeds will benefit the Africa Foundation and Ikamva Labantu, two charities that care for orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

Kate Moss

Tara and Jessica Getty, who are trustees of the Africa Foundation, told Bloomberg News they are "delighted" with the results of the sale.

"The money we raised through this event will equally benefit Africa Foundation and Ikamva Labantu, two highly deserving charities, and will enable them to continue their effective work in South Africa, providing support where it is most needed."

The background on the Moss piece began in April 2006. Though the sculpture is considered provocative, Quinn's goal was to show the British supermodel in a yoga position with her ankles and arms wrapped behind her ears. No word yet from Kate Moss though I'm sure she's ... flattered.

This isn't the first time Quinn has gone to extremes for his art, Quinn's signature piece in the art world is Self, a frozen sculpture of the his head made from 10 pints of his own blood, taken from his body over a period of 5 months.You can find Kate Moss pics in websites. That piece was first bought for nearly $30,000 by Charles Saatchi and later resold for more than $2 million.

Model Kate Moss

It is art after all. While it's not something I can see myself displaying in the foyer of my home, I can appreciate the outcome of a such a thought-provoking piece of work.You can read Kate Moss biography in modeling websites which would be more interesting that how she started her career. And oh, the thoughts that it is provoking.


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Best Actress Anna Friel Goes Naked


According to the most recent issue of Us Weekly, the cause of the recent split between actress Jessica Biel and singer Justin Timberlake was her love of sports and athleticism.

Beil told the magazine that "Growing up, she played a lot of soccer, was an avid gymnast and a wonder for outdoor activities - like snowboarding, biking, hiking and rollerblading which Justin does not share." Justin Timberlake - the singer got his start on the Disney Channel's '90s version of The Mickey Mouse Club.

Jessica Biel

And singer Timberlake and Chasez were on The Mickey Mouse Club simultaneously in their pre-NSYNC days, and they kept working together when NSYNC was formed. Rumor mills are already churning with speculation that Justin Timberlake couldn't handle Biel's love of sports and how active she was. The actress has admitted on several occasions "constant strenuous exercise, martial arts training, special dieting and downing protein powder for superhero roles."

Justin Timberlake

The couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica was planning on scaling Mount Kilimanjaro next month to raise awareness for the need of clean water in nations around the world. Neither party has released word on if the climb will still take place. Actress Jessica Biel (born March 3, 1982) is an American actress and former fashion model best known for appearing in several Hollywood films

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Christina Aguilera, the 'Candyman' singer has collaborated with M.I.A., Flo Rida, Le Tigre and Santigold on LP 'Light and Darkness', which is being produced by Tricky Stewart, the mastermind behind Rihanna's 'Umbrella' and Beyonce Knowles' 'Single Ladies'.

Tricky said: "It's just great. I wouldn't say that it's alternative, I wouldn't say that it's different. Christina's always been an singer that moves the bar and that's what the great ones do.

Christina Aguilera

"They don't stay in the same place for too long and this album is just another move for Christina Aguilera.

I really feel it's one of her best bodies of work that I've heard since 'Stripped'." The LP will be singer Christina's fourth studio album, and her first since 2006. But although the album is almost finished, it won't be released until next year because Christina is too busy working on new film 'Burlesque' with Cher.

Singer Christina 

Tricky added: "She's gonna do the film first and Christina Aguilera didn't want to not be able to promote this record because it's going to be a big record for her. "The album is finished. She's mixing. She hasn't made a final decision about what the first single is, but I know everyone feels good about their options."

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Melbourne (ANI): Brit-Aussie pop singer Sophie Monk, 29, reportedly had a wardrobe malfunction while shooting for a docudrama about Mother Teresa’s life. Buzz up!

She was just about to shoot the scene where Mother Teresa has a spiritual epiphany, and realizes that God wants her to move to Calcutta and work among the slum dwellers, when her right nipple slipped out, reports the Daily Telegraph. In fact Sophie Monk primarily known for being in comedies.

She was a singer in her native country and then she got a chance in hollywood.

Sophie Monk

And of course for being a former singer in her native country.However, when she was offered the chance to play Alexa Concannon. Though the director decided to scrap the project altogether and have the film destroyed, the picture has been making rounds on Internet sites.


Sophie Monk - best actress has since established in hollywood. She was australian pop singer. She had a very small role in every movie but she played Mariyln Monroe.

Best Actress - Sophie Monk

But that was not the only slip the former Bardot member had, as in another picture best actress was snapped in a brand new bob hairdo and a sheer black dress with her little toe hanging out of her turquoise heels.



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It should be eye caching and it should include essential qualities that every model should have.

But there are some requirements which a person should have and that are good weight and height. And the best thing is you should create an attractive models portfolio to upload in websites.Different characteristics of fashion modeling allow for a variety of chance. And to get noticed if you become popular.

Find some galleries free of models in sites to find how to pose for a photoshoot. This can be useful for new models. 

Online Promotional Models 

Models that are promotional are hired to cover a broad range of work and events.And even modeling jobs can vary. The use of promotional models is to connect with the crowd and to create a more good impression. Mostly companies would hire promotional model beauties that are down to earth, and of natural beauty. They are sent to work at different locations and who work for long hours.

Actually speaking promotional modeling is very fast paced but they can get high perks if they work hard. The main purpose of promotional models or other models is to connect with the crowd and to make an impression.

So that you can become more popular in all places where you go. Models that are really interested in a professional manner and show interest in modeling.will get success very soon. You can find some beauties who already got success.All the expenses are done by the company and it can particularly increase contact as well as allow for a higher level of recognition which can lead to more opportunities. Doors are open for both male and female models. But the only thing is they should work hard.

They should know what is needed to become a successful promotional model. You can get some tips from modeling sites and even agencies are there who help the new models beauties to enter into modeling industry.

New models can create models portfolio and upload in modeling sites so that they can get a fair chance to enter into modeling industry.

And that could be a fair chance to enter into fashion industry. It can be a cell phone company or any other company but promotional model used to advertise that product. Even you can find some galleries free of models to see the models posing for photoshoot. There is other modeling called which can be said as commercial. Some of the models can struggle for long to get into modeling industry.

Promotional Modeling Beauties 

It’s not that, that they don’t have talent but may be because of some reason they may be struggling or they don’t know how to enter into modeling industry.


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Born September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas to Tina and Matthew Knowles, Beyonce started her public singing career when she was seven years old.

Her first public appearance came when she competed in a talent show. Beyonce - the singer won the contest and soon began to gain the attention of local media.

Beyonce Knowles - Singer

Beyonce Knowles’ Early Years Beyonce attended Parker Elementary and Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. In 1989 when she was eight years old, she started to sing and train with LaTavia Robertson, LeToya Luckett and Kelly Rowland. Like many Virgos, Beyonce committed to her dreams and her goals. She focused and put in the work necessary to help her achieve the success that she desired. Initially the quartet referred to themselves as Girl’s Tyme. They later changed the name of their group to Destiny’s Child. Matthew Knowles and singer Beyonce Knowles and her sister Solange’s father, resigned from his job in 1995 to focus all of his efforts on Destiny’s Child. Matthew distributed fliers and tapes of the female group to music business executives and local and national media.

He and his wife, Tina, made financial sacrifices that Beyonce - the best actress and her group mates were unaware of. As Matthew continued to invest large sums of money in Destiny’s Child, the stakes increased; there was a lot on the line. Success With Destiny’s Child Two years of hard work, touring and taping went by before Destiny’s Child received a major break. The break came in the form of a Columbia Records contract.

The first album that Destiny’s Child put out in 1998 under Columbia Records was self-titled and warmly received, but not a major hit. It was the group’s second album, The Writing’s On the Wall, that began to solidify their place in the music industry. Songs “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name” from the album gained national and international attention. Amid the long awaited success came controversy and change. LeToya and LaTavia filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Matthew. You can find her model galleries in modeling sites.The situation covered the entertainment blogs, websites and radio and television shows. Admittedly, it was a difficult time in Beyonce’s life.

Changes for Beyonce Knowles The event, likely one of the major life shifts the entertainer had experienced thus far, brought on a depressive mood. Yet, as with many Virgo entertainers like Sophia Loren, Michael Jackson, Loren Bacall, Barry White, Ingrid Bergman and Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce pushed through.Find her beauty hair which looks very fine in the shows.

Destiny’s Child went from a four member group down to a trio of Kelly Rowland, Beyonce best actress and Michelle Williams, the newest member in the group. During its latter years, the group performed the cover song for the hit move Charlie’s Angels. They also recorded and released their third album, Survivor. Destiny’s Child and Solo Careers Soon the group was being compared to Motown’s phenomenal 1960s women’s group, The Supremes. Platinum selling records and music albums pushed Destiny’s Child to the front of the industry. Less than 20 years after they recorded and released their first album, the trio Destiny’s Child, fronted by Beyonce, became the biggest selling female group of all time. It was clear that the young ladies in Destiny’s Child were growing up and becoming women.

Songs on their third album like “Independent Women,” Survivor” and “Fancy” illustrated their growing independence. At the height of the group’s success, talk about the ladies taking time to pursue solo careers began to circulate. The group would officially announce their plans to disband, even if only for awhile, in 2005. Beyonce Knowles On Stage By Herself In 2003, nearly 14 years after she started to work toward the music career she’d dreamed about since she was a child, Beyonce released her first solo album, Dangerously In Love. By year’s end, Beyonce picked up five Grammy awards as a result of her hard work.You can find some model galleries of Beyonce in websites.

Beyonce Knowles - Best Actress

Her next two albums were BDay and Sasha Fierce. The latest album was released in 2008 and gave tribute to the artist’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Beyonce has stated in interviews that Sasha is her stage personality, the side of her that allows her to put on memorable performances. Find her beauty hair which shines in all the shows. Away from the stage, Beyonce married her longtime beau, rapper Jay-Z, on April 4, 2008 in a private ceremony. The Virgo singer has appeared in several movies including Austin Powers In Goldmember, The Fighting Temptations, Cadillac Records and Obsessed.


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If the employ is to intend attention, it becomes fascinating. You likewise haw be the one. Promotional models are those who have a deciding appearance in some flourishing exhibition, content or organisation of a product.

It is gratifying, as substantially as, an audacious job, for it provides you with philosopher opportunities.You can find some model beauties who have a successful career.

Online Promotional Models

The danger is assorted with beauty wet every over. As a profession, promotional modeling pays you handsomely too. The covering adds to your personality, which relic an additional plus always.You can meet so many other promotional models also. It is not meet a occupation pick but a chronicle style.

An employ to be a consciousness governed boss, impact for as such instance as you poverty by making bucks as serviceable by your assist and patch yourself in choices of clothes and costliest of accessories, that likewise in oodles! You can find so many promotional models in websites. The artefact to decent a promotional help is evenhandedly easy. All you requirement to do is to place up an aptitude of philanthropic knowledge and broader outlook, which crapper magnet consumers.

Not exclusive has it emerged into a comely affirmation over the years, there are primary institutes that carry classes and endeavor an trenchant helper in rhyming candidates into promotional woman models. Find some models pictures in modeling sites. These institutes impact on the personalities of fascinated politician girls and inform them the structure to behave magnetically in a content familiarised manner, to encourage income of the goods in question, by meet stagnant around with a hot appearance.

All promotional models do, as a conception of their job, is to interact with consumers courteously and listen to their queries with the correct and germane aggregation with nurturant hospitality. The base qualities required for existence a flourishing promotional modeling beauties help is to be confident, extrovert, outward and gently humorous, with an constant professed distinction of attack.

In the equal times, there are a excess of campaigns, events and exhibitions feat on and apiece circumstance raises a striking obligation for girls who crapper defence on stalls and listen to customers with a delightful grappling affixed with an genial grinning and smooth apprehension over language.You can find some models pictures in sites.

To enumerate, there are automobile shows, beverage promotions and aesthetical promotions that specifically promote “Promotional models needed” in brave letters and elicit promotional body for hire, viz. automobile exhibit help girls and another professed girls models, respectively. Find some galleries free of models in websites. Girls of varied power ordered are wanted for assorted campaigns, to meet the limited demands for commerce the goods in question.

Fashion Modeling Beauties 

Promotional body hires models of uncolored charisma. Find some galleries free of promotional models. Job doesn’t call for highly-flavored moulding performance, but state by candidates who are native captivating and equipped as a vibrant, flourishing and personable persona.


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At 23, Crystal Renn is a size 12 and, at the same time, the highest paid plus-size model of our times. She’s been featured on the cover of Vogue and other prestigious magazines, and has modeled for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana.

 Catwalk Models Beauties

However, she’s the first to admit that it’s just recently and ever so slowly that the fashion industry has started taking heed of anyone bigger than a size 0. Renn has just launched her autobiography, the Guardian informs. She may seem a bit too young to be doing that, but, believe it or not, before she was the kind of model all regular women can look up to and relate, she too was stick thin. Discovered at 13 and immediately told she needed to lose weight, Renn lived on nothing but lettuce and Diet Coke for months, until she managed to become smaller than a size 0.

Find some model beauties who does catwalk. 

She was about to take fashion by surprise when she came to the realization she was killing herself, she now recalls.There are so many catwalk models available.

She gained 32 kg and got back to good health – surprisingly enough, her success has been even more amazing since that moment. “When I started modeling in 2002 – and to a slightly lesser degree, today – the look of the moment was nearly skeletal. Starting in the early 1990s with the rise of Kate Moss and of heroin chic, the fashion industry fell in love with depressed-looking, emaciated girls.” Renn recalls of how things were when she first started working in the industry. You can find so many catwalk models walking on the ramp. Now, things are starting to change and, clearly, her case is perhaps the most adequate example, since she has come to know more fame and success as a full-figured woman than as a skeletal, young girl.

You can find some galleries free of models in modeling sites.

Of course, that’s not to say that the fashion industry is about to change overnight, since stick-thin models beauties continue to be in high demand. Designers, at the same time, continue to create clothes only for same-sized, skinny customers, but, at least, Renn points out, a change has begun. A change has certainly begun, as Lizzie Miller’s case, the one we’ve been telling you about a few days ago, also shows.

Runway Modeling Model 

Her model photo was featured in Glamour magazine and the reaction to it on behalf of the public has been so good the mag has announced it will include a whole new feature just with her in the upcoming issue.You can find some galleries free of models in modeling sites. While the feature is being worked on, size-0 critics are getting ready to welcome the return of the regular woman to fashion, and to hail the advent of a new era: one where all beauty is honored, no matter the size.


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Online modeling sites can help the fashion models to achieve their dreams. Models get lot of benefits through online modeling agencies. They get an opportunity to develop an association with many agents and clients over the world with the help of modeling site.
They can even be able to promote their bodies and faces for a chance to come into the modeling industry. They are provided by the tools and facilities to succeed and do perform well. If the free models meet the clients and agents, agents do take them after checking the qualification and particular standards which is fit for them regardless of age, race and social status.
Beauty Professional Model
Online modeling site offers every promising model a chance to become super models or successful models. This community is not only made for the models themselves but also for the modeling agents and clients as well. Agents will choose the model they want to look after and develop. Some companies also choose the free model they want in promoting their product as long as these models meet the qualifications that they have set. Some clients would be very careful about choosing ideal body part for their products to be advertised.

From so many models, some televeison models from these modeling agencies could become a super or successful model. So no models would get tired to search these online communities of the modeling industry which would be really beneficial to them. Clients and companies are constantly on the search for new faces and personalities who have the necessary qualifications that would promote their products.

The same situation applies for fashion design houses, whether big and small. These companies have the ability to turn an ordinary television model into a superstar with just one big project. All the model needs is the right opportunity at the right time and these are all provided by online modeling.

Online models are classified according different criteria. Grouping may be done according to age, gender, race, or experience. There are some modeling jobs that require those from a specific age bracket, while there are some that would require the services of infants or small children. Some would take teenagers and some beauty products are better approved by older people. Also, there are some projects that would only require adult men or women like in some magazines.

Some companies also prefer their beauty products to be endorsed by a certain race because it would have a bigger impact if they do so. Some would also prefer professional ones than recreational ones.
Young Fashion Model
Some websites that promote online modeling also gives their modeling employees all the needed facilities and tools to succeed. Because this job can be done online, some of these models prefer to work at home and just upload some photos of them for the gallery and wait for agents and clients to contact them. There are some agencies that enhance the photos and make their picks look amazing.

There are also some agencies that would feature their amazing employees just so the clients can spot them easily and provide them with jobs. These online modeling agencies can certainly turn new applicants into superstars in just a moment.

If you are thinking of becoming one of the famous models, then collect more information about online modeling and visit the site.

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Actress Selena Gomez received the Teen Choice Award Sunday night for Choice Red Carpet Icon Female. Selena, 17, is a veteran best actress, first reaching a large audience as Gianna on Barney & Friends.

Selena Gomez 


Selena Gomez 

She portrays Alex Russo on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place, and Selena Gomez appeared in the movie version of the TV series. Selena also made several appearances on the Hannah Montana TV show as Mikayla.

The actress celebrity latest screen hit is Princess Protection Program, simultaneously a hit on the Disney Channel and among young DVD buyers.




On August 6, The Sun Valley €™sFigure Skating Club (SVFSC) joins the valley's hottest retailers to present a fashion and ice show extravaganza, Fashions on Ice On the Catwalk.Choreographed by a remarkable line-up of world-famous skating experts, the show features professional show skaters and skater-models unveiling local retailersfinest looks on Sun Valley's nationally acclaimed outdoor ice rink. New this year, non-skating models join the show on a specially designed on-ice runway modeling. Pair the energy and excitement of Fashion Week in New York, Paris, Milan and Moscow with Sun Valley's unrivaled outdoor beauties and you have the setting for an exceptional show, says Robin Sias, Fashion Show co-chair. “Our professional athletes and beautiful skating and non-skating models will showcase extraordinary, fashion-forward designs in a one-of-a-kind venue.Featuring a no-host bar and silent auction, doors open at 4:30 pm and the show starts at 5 pm. Thanks to the generosity of our club members and the local community, we have acquired some truly special auction items, says Rebecca Hemingway, Fashion Show co-chair. This show is our clubs only annual fund-raising event and we hâve pulled out all the stops to make our silent auction as unique and exciting as possible. Up for grabs are items as varied as an annual ski pass to Sun Valley Resort and a one-week stay in a gorgeous home on Orcas Island. This year, Fashions on Ice “ On the Catwalk precedes the famed Sun Valley Symphony located right next door. Spend a magical night with the SVFSC at their dazzling show, followed by the marvelous sounds of the Sun Valley Symphony. We have some surprises up our sleeves to make this year’s event more fun and fabulous than ever, says Ms. Sias. For example, we are putting together wonderful and creative picnic baskets to sell to those who plan on attending the Sun Valley Symphony after our show. Retailers participating in this year's event include: Board Bin, Bobbie Burns, Brass Ranch, Chicken Lipps, Kitzbuhel Collection, Panache, Paulas Dress Shop, Sheepskin Coat Factory, Sheldon G International, Skate Shop, Tator Tots, Urban Minx, Tequila Bay and Commes Les Filles. Professional hair stylists and make-up artists will complete the free model on-ice transformation. Admission is $10 adults and $5 youth. Source:


Beauty Face Model
An internationally-recognized model credits her 23-year career to the start she received in Chatham.

Tracie Stern, a Chatham native, who now resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was one of more than 70 former and current models who attended a 30-year reunion Sunday at the River Rock nightclub.

The event was staged by Patricia Robbins-Clark of Chatham, who held her first fashion show which are available  model sites  30 years ago in the Marina Room at the former William Pitt Hotel.

Robbins-Clark, who operates under the name of Patricia M. Productions, is still producing fashion shows in Chatham-Kent. Her next one is slated for Sept. 2 at Rossini's restaurant.

Stern, whose father still lives in Chatham, has graced beauty face covers and inside pages of hundreds of fashion magazines over the past two decades.

She has travelled the world modelling in places such as Poland, Cape Town, South Africa, Hungary, Spain and Greece.

"I owe a great deal to Patricia,'' said Stern. "She gave me my start and some of the advice she passed along I teach today to my modelling students like Keeley Hazell Beauty Face Model british super model.''

One piece of advice from Robbins-Clark was to look into a mirror and practice getting that perfect smile.

Stern has modeled for such major companies as Cotton Ginny, Reitmans and The Bay.

Closer to home she has modelled in Chicago, Miami and Cleveland, Ohio.

"Modelling is what I've always wanted to do,'' she said. "It's been great fun.''

Robbins-Clark said she was elated that Stern was able to make her 30th reunion party.

"It's fantastic that Tracie has been able to make it big time in the modelling world,'' she said. "It's a very competitive field.''

Robbins-Clark said it's great knowing that her efforts have help boost the careers of Stern and others in the modelling world.

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Often times, most parents bar their children from pursuing modelling career due to stereotypes that portray models as “immoral.”

However, such parents might reverse their decision if what the youths said of Malawi News model of the year Faith Chibale’s character on Saturday is anything to go by.

She was guest of honour during Miss Teen 2009 beauty contest at MDC ground in Chilomoni, Blantyre.

Most of the teenage girls who participated with having model portfolio in the event said they stay close to Chibale’s home in Chilomoni and that their parents had allowed them to join the modelling world taking into consideration the modest behaviour and respectable character of the reigning Malawi News model.

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Chibale’s home in Chilomoni and that their parents had allowed them to join the modelling world taking into consideration the modest behaviour and respectable character of the reigning Malawi News model.

“My parents told me that if I would be able to follow what she does, there would be no problem with me joining the career,” said one of Miss Teen contestants, Shira Banda, a form three pupil at Mulunguzi Secondary School.

Another model, Chisomo Masinja, who doubles as the reigning Miss Valentine and Miss Chilomoni respectively, concurred with Shira that the Malawi News Model has a huge following among the teenage girls.

“It’s high time Malawians started taking modelling seriously. Faith has been a living example, she is active in both social and charitable activities,” said the form four student at Blantyre Institute of Management (BIM).

During the beauty pageant, Rose Useni (17) was crowned Miss Teen 2009. Faith Wotchi (14) and Madalitso Banda (16) emerged first and second princess respectively.

“I promise to tread in the footsteps of Malawi News Model, she has been an inspiration to me to reach this height,” said Rose, who is also the reigning Miss Balaka.

In an interview, Chibale promised to maintain her good reputation and embark on various projects.

“I still have a lot of projects to achieve, if money is available, including uplifting the welfare of street kids in the country. Malawi News alone has done a lot and I expect well wishers to assist the projects that will benefit the street children and orphans, “said Chibale.

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 Since she took over the crown in February this year, Chibale has been engaging herself in various aspects of both social and charitable activities.

The same month, she took over the office; she participated in ads like  beauty product

Tree planting exercise at Chimwankhunda dam in Blantyre, courtesy of Blantyre Water Board.

A month later, she also facilitated the clean up campaign for Chilomoni Market in conjunction with Blantyre City Assembly and students from Blantyre Institute of Management.

In May, she was the chief judge at the inaugural Miss Elections beauty pageant at the Blantyre Youth Centre.

Early last month, she also was chosen to welcome African lightweight boxing champion Isaac Chalemba at the Chileka Stadium.

She was also the main actor and with other male model during the Celebrity Fashion show held late last month at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe which brought together local celebrities namely Hazel Warren, musicians Marko Sadik and Dan Lufani and DJs Kenny Klips, Atom DJ and Chris among others.



It is the first time live models have been allowed to appear in a fashion show in post-revolutionary Iran. The only unusual aspect is that they are all wearing Islamic dress; including some draped from head to toe in the all enveloping chador. It's part of a new drive to give women more attractive choices of Islamic dress that allow them to express their individuality, while remaining within the letter of the law. Not everyone in the all female audience was happy.

"I don't think ordinary people will like this show because everything comes from Arab culture," complains Faranak who says she wants something more Iranian and indigenous. Her friend agrees: "Here we didn't see anything interesting - in terms of colours and designs we have much better stuff; just look on the streets of Tehran they're wearing much better clothes". 'Western dolls' Many of the women on the streets of Tehran do indeed look more like Western fashion models than the models on the catwalk. In skimpy tight overcoats and high heeled shoes and token headscarves perched on the back of their dyed hair, they are what the authorities call "western dolls". Many young model born after the revolution do not seem to have accepted the official idea of Islamic dress. Conservative MP Rafat Bayat, who always wears a black chador, believes the problem is the state never educated young people properly.

"The generation born after the revolution has grown up in families that do not believe in these principles and they are estranged from these laws," she says. "We thought there would be no problem because we had an Islamic Republic and we thought everyone knew the constitution," says Mrs Bayat with regret. According to the law, a fashion woman who does not cover her hair and body in public can be fined or imprisoned for up to two months. But there are hundreds of shops throughout North Tehran selling glamorous strapless dresses and low-cut, beaded tops for women to wear at parties. Source :



London, July 12 (ANI): With her striking looks, statuesque size ten figure and 34DD boobs, lingerie model Lisa Du Preez is certainly a woman to die for, but even after weeks of dating her, her boyfriend didn't come to know that she was once a man.

Brunette Lisa, 35, has now come out in open to admit that ten years ago she was a bloke called Louis.

And her surgical sex-swap transformation has shown such good results that her electrician fiance didn't know the truth until she rang him and confessed.

"I let people think I was a natural-born woman for a long while and had a great time seeing how many men I could pull and get away with it," News of the World quoted Lisa as saying.

She added: "But now I'm ready to let the world know who I really am. I want people to know that transvestites and transsexuals aren't all ugly freaks."

Lisa has an online lingerie shop and her glam pictures have been used on dating websites, nightclub posters and adverts for contact lenses.

"But actually becoming a beauty woman was hell. On a scale of one to ten, the pain was a ten. I had to go on morphine to cope," she admitted.

"Obviously I can't have kids, but when people say I don't know what childbirth feels like, I say I DO! It was agony. But now I look like this I have absolutely no regrets," she said.

Lisa went for the sex-change operation only after meeting a transvestite.

And in 1999, after living as a woman full-time for two years, Lisa - from Enfield, Middlesex - had the surgery that finally allowed her to make love as a woman.

"It was amazing. I did have orgasms as a man but they're better as a woman," she said.

"When I met my fiance John Ward in a pub a year ago we hit it off right away but I didn't tell him about the surgery.

"We dated for a few weeks, kissing and cuddling, and then it got to the stage where I knew I had to tell him.


Over 50 people came out to watch models strut spring/summer apparels from two local clothing stores. The inaugural fashion show organized by Herb N'Wear was held at the Avalanche Bar. "It was an amazing night," said Dannielle Goulet, the owner/operator of Herbn N'Wear located on Fifth Street. "There was no admission fee and we gave away tons of prizes all night." Herb N' Wear featured its spring/summer stock that consisted of clothing fibers made with hemp, bamboo, soy, recycled P.E.T.(pop and water bottles) and organic cottons. "The fashion show was a great way to show everyone that there is no need to sacrifice style for environmentally friendly threads," said Goulet. "And it did! "The show went so well that I will be hosting a second one in November or December for fall and winter stock." Following Herb N'Wear show, Anna Palumbo, owner and operator of Jipsi Clothing Movement (formally Trendsetters Consignment), held their fashion show. "It was great too," Goulet commented. "There were lots of funky and fun second-hand clothes being sported down in the advertisement modeling , ready for a second chance with new owners." Arbonne, a body products company had a table set up at the show giving away 'pamper me spa's' and Hollywood make-over parties. Undercoverwear also had its products on display and a model showing off some lingerie. Herb N Wears models were: Michael Holding, Denise Logan, Candace Lucas, Wendy Marie Hamm, Huw Saunders, Devin Moldenhauer, Leegion Brooks, Kelsey Johnson, Travis Sehn, Alisha Porayko, and Chad Smith. The DJ of the evening was David Marlin.




Agyness Deyn, the top model has apparently taken up hypnotherapy to try and quit smoking. The British supermodel has reportedly been put under pressure by her US rocker boyfriend, Albert Hammond to quit her smoking vice.

A friend of guitarist Albert said to The Daily Mail: “It is obvious she is kicking smoking because she plans to settle down and have a baby.” Aggy has been criticised in the past for her habit, as just five months ago she was targeted for lighting up by a ‘No Smoking’ sign at a fashion show in New York.
She said yesterday: “I feel as if I’m playing mind games with nicotine,” reports The Daily Mail.



agyness deyn
The super top model AGYNESS DEYN and her rock star boyfriend ALBERT HAMMOND JR definitely prefer petting the pooch to hair of the dog.

While that other famous model/rocker pairing KATE MOSS and JAMIE HINCE are falling in and out of clubs in London, the same cannot be said of Agy and Al on the other side of the pond.

Their idea of a good time is taking their matching hounds for a, er, carry in New York before settling down in front of the telly for the latest episode of Corrie.

The couple even popped into an electrical store as they stepped out in the city yesterday – presumably to check out some stunning new toaster technology.



Over-knee boots? Check. A flash of animal print? Check. Coffee to go? Check. Cute Daschund puppy? Check. Not quite so cute rock star boyfriend? Check. Our Agy looked every bit the super model as she took a break from moving house in New York yesterday. The only thing missing was the clashing colours normally adorned by her that we’ve become so accustomed to. Could it be that New York has changed her style? Let’s hope not - perhaps her usual Christmas gift of crazy knitwear is just delayed in the post.

One thing for certain is that she’s going to be staying in the US for some time - the transatlantic couple have been housing hunting for a while, so this really is a big move. Come visit soon, Agy - we’ll miss both you and your mental wardrobe!



She was one of the original clutch of Eighties super hot model, dated Warren Beatty and was then-boyfriend Axl Rose’s inspiration for the Guns N’ Roses song This I Love. And at 40 years of age Stephanie Seymour showed she has kept the figure, and the model looks she became famous for as she holidayed with her family on the Caribbean island of St Barts.

She showed off her slim and toned body in a selection of swimsuits - in scenes reminiscent of her days gracing countless pages of Sports Illustrated’s swimwear issues. Stephanie’s trim figure is all the more impressive considering that since her time in the spotlight she has given birth to Dylan, 17, Peter, 14, Harry, 11, and four-year-old Lilly. Her children joined her on the beach, along with her real estate developer husband Peter Brant, who she married in 1995 in France.

The family swam, played ball games and built sandcastles on the sunny beach where they are spending the Christmas break. Her now idyllic-looking family life is a far cry from her younger days when at the age of just 16 she began dating John Casablancas, the head of Elite Model Management, who was, at the time, married to model Jeanette Christjansen. The couple lived together before Seymour broke off the relationship. A short-lived marriage to guitarist Tommy Andrews failed in 1990, but resulted in the birth of her first son, Dylan Thomas Andrews in 1991. Before dating rocker Axl Rose, she was briefly involved with actor Warren Beatty.

During the relationship with the rock musician she appeared in two Guns N’ Roses videos. Stephanie sported a barbed wire tattoo around her right ankle - perhaps a memento of her days as the girlfriend of Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose. Stephanie and Axl broke up in 1993 after a two-year relationship when Axl accused her of being unfaithful. The break-up was acrimonious with the couple counter-suing one another and each alleging assault.



The hair style can change your look with the great way. When there is a new year than there is also a new hairstyle this mostly because of change in season and year, every male model and a female model wants some modify from preceding looks the had and a new year is the best juncture to do it.

Whenever you hear of a new hairstyle actually it is the edition of the previous one. And at this faze of time both girls and boys have become a huge deal baled to try any hairstyle, which they find out new and stylish. If you have a ideal hairstyle, which goes with your qualities, and you can have a diverse look which can establish a new trend.

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From the past few year people have become extremely aware of their style and would not similar to compromise in any ways. The hairstyles fashion are always altering some time it is short hair in fashion and some time long hair with curls. For male model the most well liked novel hairstyles are short taper, shag, medium fade, league cut, low fade, gradation, buzz cut, spikes, messy cut, spears, crew cut, and butch cut and bold. Bald is well thought-out to be the most exceptional style these days.

In this current times guys are become more aware about they hairstyles even more than women, they all want to have a good-looking glances and want have the similar hair style as the well-known personalities have and for guys extended hair are actually in and the women are going for small hairs because of the rejoices have modify they hair method and make short.